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Saturday, 2 December 2023

Midwife student from SCU set for Gold Coast Marathon

Updated May 17 2022 - 1:05pm, first published May 11 2022 - 12:00pm

Southern Cross University midwifery student Heidi Patenaude believes any chance to get outdoors and pound the pavement is an investment in her own wellbeing and fitness.

Mum is on the run for Southern Cross University marathon
Mum is on the run for Southern Cross University marathon

As a busy mother-of-two juggling study and placement, Heidi is defying the time crunch to prioritise her running training ahead of the Gold Coast Marathon weekend where she will compete in the Southern Cross University 10km Run on 3 July.

Heidi recently filmed a video to share her story and give a glimpse into her training as she works towards the Southern Cross University 10km Run event.

"I've always loved running and exercising as a whole. It's about carving out my own me-time, so going for a run is grounding for me where I can focus on my breathing and the change of environment," she said.

"It's so good getting out in the beautiful scenery we have here on the Gold Coast and sometimes I bring the boys along with me in the pram and they really enjoy it.

"I love taking part in the Gold Coast Marathon event. The atmosphere is amazing and being part of Team SCU also helps you within the event as well, when your mates are all around you.

"I think it's one of the prettiest running tracks in the country, completely flat along the water - it's beautiful and super enjoyable.

"I'm excited to get back to the event after some time off having my second boy who is now a one-year-old."


Heidi said she took it easy during her pregnancy and post-partum phase to ensure she wouldn't overwork or injure herself.

"Before I started running again I saw a women's health physio who is also a post-pregnancy qualified trainer to make sure I could work towards my goals with hurting myself or creating any injury," she said.

"I encourage anyone who wants to start running to give it go - obviously anyone with a health condition should consult a health professional first to create a plan to suit your needs and build up your strength.

"I suggest finding a challenge in it you enjoy, like starting with running for one whole minute, and eventually one whole kilometre, then work up to beating your own time, any kind of snippet of accomplishment you can get out of walking and running will really help change your day and get your heart pumping.

"With the kids I am very lucky that my husband and I are a great team, and sometimes I am able to use the time they're at day care to fit in a run as well. We just aim to make it work with the season of life we are in at the moment."