Shupi Maduveko completed a nursing degree at SCU and now works at Feros Village Byron Bay

Updated June 8 2022 - 12:54pm, first published 12:24pm

Shupi Maduveko swapped a glamorous job managing a high-end fashion store on Oxford Street in London for a career in Australia.

She thought she had it made while working in fashion in London.

But her sister wanted her to come to Australia.


Eventually, Shupi relented - she packed her bags, jumped on a plane, and enrolled in a nursing degree at Southern Cross University at Lismore.

At first she was upset over leaving her coveted retail job and home in London, but now Shupi admits it was the best thing that could have happened.

"I don't regret it ever," she said.

"Never in a million years did I think I'd become a nurse. Now I couldn't imagine being anything else. Nursing is so rewarding, and it brings me much satisfaction."

Shupi was recently promoted to the role of Care Manager at Feros Village Byron Bay, where she makes a difference every day.

"I love all my residents and every single one of them is a priority to me," she said.

"I get to know the residents and their families very well - I know their likes and dislikes, their issues, their quirks, their medication.

"I can answer questions about their care from the top of my head as I have an intimate relationship with them. This gives me an edge as I have knowledge about their entire life and medical history which helps me pickup on small changes in their health and wellbeing early."

Shupi said nursing required stamina, patience, empathy, adaptability, and a good dose of life experience.

"When I was in retail, there was tailor-made fashion for individual customers and I relate that to my nursing where I give tailor-made care," she said.

"Not everybody is cut out to be a nurse; but when you respect patients' varying needs and personalities, you can make a real difference in someone's life.

"I can walk away and know that I made Joyce laugh today, or I made Mike smile today, which is a big thing.

"To me, that is happiness."

SCU graduate Shupi Maduveko has been promoted to Care Manager at Feros Village Byron.
SCU graduate Shupi Maduveko has been promoted to Care Manager at Feros Village Byron.