New pedestrian crossing planned near Clunes shop on Main Rd

Updated November 22 2022 - 11:18am, first published November 18 2022 - 11:32am

Lismore council has received funding to build a pedestrian crossing near the Clunes shop after it was identified as an area of high risk to pedestrians.

A pedestrian island and kerb blisters are part of a plan to provide more safety for pedestrians as they cross Main St.

A pedestrian crossing and kerb blisters are planned to make the road crossing at Clunes shop safer. Picture LCC
A pedestrian crossing and kerb blisters are planned to make the road crossing at Clunes shop safer. Picture LCC

The council said the section of Main St near the shop had recorded several accidents over recent years, including pedestrian injuries. "There has been one recorded accident between the years 2013-2018, which included pedestrian injury. Additionally, there have been four recorded accidents from 2000-2018 including one serious injury," the council states.


"A Road Safety Audit of the area was undertaken by qualified consultants to identify potential hazards or risks to the travelling public or pedestrian movements within the precinct, which highlighted determined safety issues with pedestrians crossing Main Street as a High-Risk Level."

The approved grant nomination was based on these findings.

The Grant funding has been provided to:

  • Install Pedestrian Refuge in Main Street, Clunes including kerb blisters on both sides of the road. This is to provide pedestrians a safer travel across Main St and provide a centre refuge to wait.
  • Install kerb blisters on both sides of Main Street including pram ramps to provide improved sight distance of pedestrians and easier access from the footpath.
  • Enhance signage and pavement markings to alert drivers of the approaching pedestrian refuge.

The council is finalising design plans and costings with planned construction works scheduled for early 2023. Updates will be shared via Your Say - Maintaining Our Roads and Bridges page. Roadside signage will be in place to notify road users and pedestrians of the work zones.

These road safety works are funded under a grant from the Road Safety Program, School Zone Infrastructure Sub Program 2021/22 Safer Roads Program administered by Transport for NSW. This program provides road safety treatments where there are clusters of casualty crashes.

On Street Parking Review

In completing these works to improve the safety of pedestrians, two on street parking spaces will be removed to allow for the installation of pedestrian kerb blisters. An extension of the parking bays adjacent to Clunes Store is being reviewed, and subject to funding to provide an additional 10 parking spaces.


Send your feedback about the road safety works and on street parking to PO Box 23A, Lismore NSW 2480 or via email link). Include the title 'Clunes Safer Roads Project'. Feedback will be received until Friday December 2.