A GoFundMe campaign has been established to raise money to insulate Lismore flood victims against the cold

David Kirkpatrick
By David Kirkpatrick
Updated June 21 2022 - 4:09am, first published June 20 2022 - 12:53am

In what can only be described as a national shame, a crowdfunding campaign has become necessary to help Lismore flood victims insulate their gutted homes against the depths of a wintery cold snap.

Overnight temperatures got as low as 4 degrees during the first week of June in Lismore, adding to the misery of flood victims, many of whom are still without walls, let alone hot water and heating.

Insulate Lismore helped Jeannette insulate a shed she has been living in since the floods.



A group calling itself Insulate Lismore aims to raise $25,000 to help thousands of flood victims insulate their stripped down homes at least one or two rooms at a time.

They have set up an account on GoFundMe and have so far raised a little over $8,000.

Insulate Lismore help flood victims line their homes against the cold.

Nearly four months after what has been described as Australia's fourth worst disaster on record, hundreds of cold and weary flood victims are essentially camping out in their own homes.

People have been camping out in their own homes in Lismore since the floods despite it getting down to 4 degrees overnight.

With only sporadic help and funding arriving from national and state bodies, many flood victims, since the first event struck on February 28, have been largely left to their own devices and charitable help from within their own community.

The Northern Rivers Reconstruction Corporation doesn't stand up until July 1 and the results of the NSW Flood Inquiry, run by Mick Fuller and Mary O'Kane, won't deliver their findings until next month.

With details about land swaps, buy backs or house raising programs yet to be announced, many flood impacted residents are living at their homes because they have no other options.

The Insulate Lismore crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe began on June 11.

The people behind the campaign were concerned about the fire risk as residents had reportedly been using carboard and old election signs to line their homes.

"We think we can do better and have started lining houses with Gyprock donated to us for free," the group's GoFundMe post states.

"We are attempting to line two rooms in each family home. This takes us about two days per house and provides heatable spaces

"We are asking for money for materials and diesel for our truck only."

Picture's on the group's GoFundMe page show people camping out in pop up tents.

Posts also talk about lining a shed for a 77 year old woman by the name of Jeannette.

"We bought more board, the ply to line Jeanette's ceiling and the stuff to seal the joints in her walls," the group's post on GoFundMe states.

"We need materials donations will enable us to create more heatable spaces."



To donate to the group's fundraising campaign go to https://www.gofundme.com/f/insulate-lismore

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